Cannabis Sample Pacs

Being a Newbie in a Country Full of Bud

I know that being a Cannabis newbie in modern times can be very overwhelming. Don’t worry we have your back. If all those fancy (and sometimes funny) names that they have for Cannabis have you absolutely scratching your head there is a solution… SAMPLE PACKS! Most online dispensaries have these packs and you can usually grab one for a very reasonable price. So, if you are itching to fire up some bud and join the party this is probably the best way to get started.

Great Deals & Points Too

Many of these dispensaries will give you points as well. With the competition being so fierce in Canada at the moment you guys are truly in the drivers seat for getting a GREAT deal.
It is also in your best interest to register for these sites Newsletters/Updates as you can be notified when a sale on your favorite bud happens. If you are not sure what to buy you can’t beat these variety packs.

Don’t Forget the Rollies

Oh, and if you are a super newbie you will also need to get yourself some other gear. I was speaking with my webmaster while I was writing this article and he recommended the RAW Rolling Kit that you can buy from Amazon. It has EVERYTHING you need to get started in the world of rolling Marijuana like a pro. Click Here to check that out.

Here are a few local Canadian dispensaries that you can grab a sample pack or 2 from…

Canna Wholesalers sample packs

Canna Wholesalers – Is a highly rated dispensary with a wide variety of Sample Packs. Quick delivery too.  GO>

Cannabis Sample Packs from Get Kush

Get Kush – These guys have been around for a while now and are considered very reliable. They are also very helpful. GO>

Fair Canna Care Sample Packs

Fair Canna Care – Choose from Compassion or Flower Packs. With Quick delivery and honest pricing, you can’t go wrong. GO>


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