So you have read all the rules and you are trying to be a good Canadian and follow them but… “How come I keep hearing of people buying larger quantities than what is allowed?” Then on top of that they are getting it for cheaper. What is that all about you ask.

Online Wholesale Marijuana Dispesarieries

The answer is really quite simple… they are using Online Wholesale Dispensaries. Essentially when you buy through these shops you are buying directly from a Canadian Grower. These dispensaries have been around and doing business for years. Long before Marijuana became legal in Canada. While in some cases people have complained about quality (however even this is rare) I have NEVER heard of anyone ever getting in trouble for using them.



Save Big $ and Get it FAST

Judging by all the Google, Reddit, Twitter, etc. reviews there are a lot of you using these wholesalers. The reviews themselves, for the most part, are positive. The key here is that you can get larger quantities on a single order and you can get is FAST. Many of these wholesalers also send you FREE samples of their products. How many samples you get likely has to do with the size of your paid order of course. I have however heard of folks surviving off those said samples until their next order arrives.

How Much Can I Save?

Dispensaries like Canna Wholesale give you discounts based on the quantity you buy. That is not to say that have to order a years supply at one time. If you are a single casual cannabis user you can still use these dispensaries. While they usually have a set minimum you can buy it is still usually a reasonable amount. Here are some of the savings you can expect:

  • 20% OFF 2 or MORE OUNCES
  • 35% OFF 3 or MORE OUNCES
  • 45% OFF 8 or MORE OUNCES

How Can I Place an Order?

As I said earlier these wholesalers are located right here in Canada. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on a Dispensary from Vancouver, BC. Canna Wholesalers – BC’s Finest Cannabis. This one has gained a lot of attention due to their great prices and fast service. They have a huge selection and they will get it to you quickly. Ordering from Canna is relatively simple…

  1. Go to Website
  2. Create an Account
  3. Select your product (be sure you check what they have on sale you can save even more cash)
  4. Ordering is done with an E-Transfer. If you have never done this before it is SIMPLE especially if you have online banking set up with your branch.
  5. In a few days, you will have your goodies. YES, It is really that simple!.



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