Legal Marijuana in Canada
Marijuana became legal in Canada in 2018

On Oct 17/2018 Cannabis became legal in Canada. Some Canadians have just started running wild with this information without actually looking at the law.  While there are of course some differences I think the easiest law for you to model your cannabis use on is that of Alcohol. Obviously you don’t use Cannabis and drive. You need to be over 18 years (19 in most provinces for Alcohol) old to purchase it. Then the big one that there seems to be some confusion about is the possession limit. Let’s have a quick look at the Federal law: 

Possession limits for cannabis products

The possession limits in the Cannabis Act are based on dried cannabis. Equivalents were developed for other cannabis products to identify what their possession limit would be.
One (1) gram of dried cannabis is equal to:
5 grams of fresh cannabis
15 grams of edible product
70 grams of liquid product
0.25 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid)
1 cannabis plant seed
This means, for example, that an adult 18 years of age or older, can legally possess 150 grams of fresh cannabis.

Distribution is Determined by Province

Each Canadian Province determines how Cannabis will be distributed within their borders. So, obviously you can’t legally head to your nearest street corner with a pocket full of bud and start selling. Just like you can’t do that with booze or lottery tickets. I will break this down Province by Province to try and clear up some of the mystery.


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Links to Provincial Retail Cannabis 

This is a list of Government approved retail cannabis shops. These sites will give you up to date information on licensed establishments that are permitted to sell cannabis. Many provinces sell it online as well. 

British Columbia –
Alberta –
Saskatchewan –
Manitoba –
Ontario –
Quebec –
New Brunswick –
Nova Scotia –
Newfoundland –
Yukon –
Nunavut –

Learning the business of LEGAL Cannabis Sales

I hope this list will help you guys find what you are looking. I am sure it will get a lot easier down the road when everyone has a chance to learn what they are doing. Even the government run shops are in a learning curve. I am sure in a few years we will look back on 2018 and laugh about the way Cannabis was dealt with in the beginning. Enjoy your Cannabis but PLEASE read the rules for your specific province so you don’t run into any snags. 


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